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History of G-Tape DAISO creasing matrix

We developed creasing matrix with locator in 1982 Feb as pioneer in the world.
Exhibition in Osaka 1984 created a big sensation. Since then, our customers are satisfied all over the world.
In 1991, reverse creasing matrix (G type) was released which was epoch-making idea.

We have been increasing various type of matrix, M type A type B type C type D type S type, in addition W type BW type KW type ( Double creasing), 1W type 2W type etc..
We always hear the voices of customers and try to meet their requests.

How to use creasing matrix


G-Tape is easy to handle.

1.Select G-Tape type and size.
2.Cut G-Tape to fit creasing line.
3.Attach locator onto creasing rule.
4.Take off released paper.
5.Press onto cutting plate.
6.Take out locator.





Anyone can set creasing matrix easily. It is useful to keep creasing line properly.
Various size and type support perfect creasing of die cut as you request.
We can provide custom size apart from regular sizes.

Matrix cutter is also effective for high productivity and quality.
We have some types of matrix cutter, VS-IV, G-cutter etc.




Durability of G-Tape

G-Tape body and corner is harder and more stable than the other brands. It is made from high quality cotton fiber (Vulcanized fiber).
Under good condition, it is capable to endure 300,000 impressions with same initial folding torque. In some cases, 500,000 impressions are possible.

As precise positioning, our locators have specific size depending on creasing rule thickness to position center precisely.
M/A/S type 2-3pt, B type 4pt, C type 6pt, D type 8pt
It is different from other brands which can be possible to use 2-4pt with same locator.

In addition, our locator is lower. It prevents locator from hitting to chain cover of narrow stroke flatbed.

How to set G-Tape without troubles

1.Clean cutting plate well especially paper dust and oil affect adhesive. We provide some cleaning solutions.


2.Rubber near creasing rule must be cut 45 degree. Otherwise rubber makes matrix NOT flat when pressing. DAISO scissors are very useful to cut.



3.Sheet sometimes scratches during die cut. Libic tape and Jumping sticker make sheet going smoothly. Super-G glue is effective to reinforce adhesivity.


4.Chamfering is also important for smooth running. VS-IV matrix cutter arrange V-cut and chamfering with one action. You can save time with stable quality and produce more.


How to keep G-Tape

Keep G-Tape in a cool and dark place.
Put in plastic bag and keep in blue box to avoid moisture influence.




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